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Spotlight on Moreton & Company: Data, Innovation & Service — Oh My!

Thursday, December 14, 2017


Almost universally, there is a belief among business-to-business companies that two key ingredients make a relationship work: quality and trust. According to Julie Acocks, manager of the underwriting department at Moreton & Company, the relationship with ASG fits that bill just right.

As Utah’s largest independent insurance broker with more than 100 years of experience providing brokerage services to organizations in the Salt Lake Valley and across the United States, Moreton & Company has built a solid business on a foundation of superior customer service and innovative solutions for its clients’ most challenging insurance needs.

Julie’s perspective takes that commitment a level deeper. She says, “When it comes to stop-loss, many think it’s a commodity, but it is not: the difference lies in when it comes to getting the claim paid and dealing with difficult things — because things come up, and that’s a reality with stop-loss.

“The promise then becomes, who can I count on to be there to deal with this situation, handle the tricky conversations about how to make it work, and eventually, ensure the claim gets paid? We have been in that situation, and I have always felt like ASG has had my back.”


We’ve been honored to help make the tough stuff happen for Moreton, a company that has a great reputation for integrity and honoring its work. In fact, we first started working with the firm when our Vice President Mike Holland flew out to Utah to introduce himself personally — an effort that was not lost on Julie: “Mike met our team, and really wanted to make sure I felt comfortable with the company and what’s going on in the marketplace. We became a great partner from then on.”

Julie notes that Moreton tends to be proactive about staying current with industry trends and helping its clients stay informed and knowledgeable. “In the time I’ve worked with ASG, I so appreciate that they take the same approach to working with clients. I would tell you that ASG is probably my top stop-loss partner.”

We also appreciate that brokers like Moreton are always working with one eye toward the future. Julie explains that Moreton stays ahead of the curve by providing its clients not just with insurance coverage, but with the tools and knowledge they need to evaluate their needs, choose coverage that is right for them, and protect their company and their employees.

For example, Julie notes that she and the firm are “all about the data — presenting the data to the client and making sure that they get the most bang for their buck. The whole brokerage industry requires being entrepreneurial and innovative, especially when there’s enough flexibility in the client’s budget to dig into the data.”

She recalls a jumbo group she had been working with: “Of the hundred million dollars they were spending, 30% of it was cancer. That’s a big budget, so you have to go out and find someone who can cover it. You have to look at the top claims on a client-by-client basis — because hundreds of thousands on a big claim can make a big difference. And when you work with a company like ASG — a company that you know has your back — you are able to evolve with the times and deliver innovative solutions to your clients.”

We look forward to continuing our partnership with Julie and the team at Utah’s largest independent insurance broker!

Moreton & Company is the Assurex Global Partner in Utah. Assurex Global is an exclusive partnership of the most prominent independent agents and brokers in the world, and it enables Moreton & Company to find and place coverage for its clients in all parts of the world.




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