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Saturday, September 17, 2016

From medical plans and health administration to the latest online benefit management tools, our partner POMCO offers a wide variety of solutions built to advance member health while containing employer costs.

The Syracuse, N.Y.-based TPA has been a valued ASG partner for more than two years, and we’ve found a great common ground in providing value through collaborative high-touch services.

Mansi Johri Gupta, POMCO’s Manager, Business Development Analytics, recently shared her perspective on how POMCO sets itself apart in the increasingly complex benefits administration industry.

First, she explained, “We try to align ourselves with clients who have a strategy of meeting goals and high expectations with regard to service. Whenever we talk with someone about their health or their business, it’s really important that our clients know we are working together to find the best solutions.”

Specializing in Client Excellence

POMCO has developed a specialty in municipalities and labor groups due to the high level of flexibility the company is able to offer through its self-funded solutions.

For example, municipality or labor unions may work under annual contracts that require returning to the bargaining table in order to make changes. By offering fully customized and highly flexible options, POMCO is able to ensure clients get the most from their health benefit investments.

Mansi added that this specialty further aligns with collective bargaining groups, who “really look to us to help manage those budgets without raising co-pays or other costs. At the end of the day, it’s all about saving costs: They have a budget at the beginning of the year, and they want to stay within that budget. We help them meet that goal.”

POMCO also works closely with a high concentration of both private- and public-sector hospital and healthcare centers; the company works with several university clients as well.

Industry Trends and How POMCO Adapts

Mansi touched briefly on the impact the ACA has had on self-funding since being implemented in 2010.

She said “For groups looking at high deductible health plans, or plan design strategies that mitigate costs, POMCO has a pretty aggressive cost containment approach where we look at every possible way to reduce costs. We look at case management, different types of ancillary services – all possible ways to help our clients meet their goals. Our focus is on how we can help them meet their budget without shifting costs.”

Additionally, POMCO is actively pursuing promising opportunities by working strategically with related industry partners to offer employer groups a menu of more than traditional benefit plan designs.

The company is also staying competitive relative to the technology it can offer both clients and members. “We know that healthcare is advancing with technology, and meeting the expectations of clients who are living in a digital forward space, right now, is critical,” she said.

Lastly, Mansi noted that POMCO currently has a very aggressive growth strategy for this year that involves building on its client base in California and continuing expansion into the west.

“We’ve been very successful since we started this expansion nearly three years ago, and we hope to bring in more clients from targeted states as we continue to grow,” she added.

We’re looking forward to continuing to build on our relationship with POMCO to help companies contain costs and continue their good work.

Visit to learn more about this valued partner’s benefit, risk management, and business process outsourcing solutions.



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