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Putting “Custom” in Employee Benefits

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

ASG Risk Management and Custom Design Benefits have an extensive history working together, and we continue to be thrilled with the value this trusted partner offers with every interaction.

Custom Design Benefits is a TPA based in Cincinnati, Ohio, offering tailored employee benefits administration services to employers throughout the U.S. Among the company’s portfolio of services is a wide range of self-funded health and wellness solutions.

As an MGU that prides itself on personalized solutions, we particularly like that Custom Design Benefits operates from the same tenets of creativity and integrity that align with our firm's values.

A Personal and Caring Approach

Custom Design Benefits’ president, Julie Mueller, is a shining star in our industry. With at least 30 years of experience in the TPA industry, she is personally dedicated to finding creative ways to contain costs for her clients. She has no fear! If she knows what’s right, she’ll go out and do it – which is likely why she and her firm are regularly recognized as national leaders.

This attitude becomes obvious when it comes to the company’s customer service – those “above and beyond” types of things, like making clients aware of what’s new and innovative… or the firm’s policy of personally meeting with every client on a regular basis. Plus, the team at Custom Design Benefits has multiple years of experience providing self-funded clients with services; they know what they’re doing.

With 55 employees and growing, it can be a challenge to maintain what the company calls an “extreme commitment to quality” – yet Custom Design Benefits sets the bar high and actually embraces the challenge.

Quality standards are in fact above industry standards for policies and procedures that people involved in the administration of benefits must follow. Operational metrics are monitored and measured continually – most recently resulting in 99.99% financial accuracy (meaning that every $100 an employer spends on its health plan is accountable to the penny).

Customization and Control

The company offers an interesting product that truly stands out from other TPAs in the marketplace. Its TrueCost Reference-Based-Pricing Plan is predictable and allows for a win-win-win scenario for all involved:

Employees have the flexibility to choose their provider as informed healthcare consumers, responsible for a co-pay only (no deductibles and no coinsurance).

Employers implementing this self-funded plan can reap significant savings and bring predictability to one of their most significant expense items

  • Providers are reimbursed fairly, consistently and in a very timely manner, eliminating the need to allocate precious resources toward accounts receivables and debt collection.

Custom Design Benefits also features direct contracts with local hospitals and independent physicians, giving employers a choice of hospitals. In turn, this structure gives the hospital the opportunity to do business directly with their clients – local employers – without having to go through the PPO network.

We are proud to partner with a company that sets high standards for plan management while continually making stop-loss insurance easy for employers to understand and use.

Interested in finding out more about this great partner? Visit or call 1-800-598-2929.



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