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Monday, April 27, 2015

Long before we opened our doors for business, our founders had worked in the insurance industry for some time—learning about insurance, developing relationships, and discovering what worked (or didn’t work). For ASG, our goal was to deliver a superior product by offering unequaled customer service and accessibility.

We knew inherently that only by working with the right people would we be able to deliver on those values day in and day out. That’s why the heart of our company is not necessarily the policies we write, but the partners we work with… those relationships that have stood—and will continue to stand—the test of time.

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Meet The Farrell Group


Nancy Farrell

As an Independent Insurance Marketing Executive based in Goshen, KY, Nancy Farrell has carved a successful niche in the business, thanks to her ability to identify the best Managing General Underwriters and carriers to meet the needs of her clients—who she always puts first.

Serving as a single point of communication, she is very adept at helping her partners on both sides of the desk navigate through the most complex of transactions. For more than 25 years, Brokers and TPAs have been coming to Nancy to source medical plans and benefits for employer groups of 20-plus lives.

And she knows her stuff.

Nancy began her career working full-time for Commercial Union Insurance Company while earning a BS in Business Administration (with a concentration in Marketing) from the University of Louisville. A licensed Life and Health Consultant, Nancy was recognized in 1986 as the youngest person in the state of Kentucky to earn the Chartered Life Underwriting® degree.

Her passion, work ethic and commitment to excellence have distinguished her entire career. Constantly striving to deliver unparalleled long-term customer satisfaction, Nancy truly understands her clients’ challenges and works creatively and diligently to solve any problem they may have.

She’s the real deal, with an ethic that has provided an exceptionally strong foundation for our decades-long relationship.

Like us, Nancy believes that in a world where everything seems to be online and business is done through apps, there’s still nothing like picking up the phone. The human factor plays an enormous role in the work we do together and, in our view, our many years of mutual success.

As she notes, “You can’t snap your fingers and make things happen! You have to rely on trust in buying and selling, and to do that, communication is everything. With ASG, we’ve got each other’s backs—and that translates into peace of mind for my clients.”

If you’d like to speak with Nancy directly, just pick up the phone and call! (502) 292-3303

The Golden Rule Behind the Best Stop-Loss Policies

Monday, April 06, 2015

We’ve been noticing the word “integrity” being used in our industry:

“Integrity is at the core of every relationship.”

“We do business by adhering to the highest levels of integrity.”

And so on.

But what does that really mean, particularly within the context of a risk management company?

At ASG, we call ourselves “your stop-loss insurance partner” and for us, that phrase is so much more than a tagline—it’s about the relationships and the values that our business was founded on. It means the promises we make are the promises we keep. It’s in the people we hire and the level of service we deliver every day. It’s about the integrity that supports every relationship, new and old.

It’s a crucial cornerstone of our business, and has to be as solid as the granite rock our office’s foundation sits on.

For example, we all understand there are long-term implications to offering a quick sale. What happens when a carrier “buys business”—that is, offers a dirt-cheap premium then jacks up the rate the following year—is the complete opposite of working with integrity. It astonishes us that companies are willing to alienate their clients and undermine their credibility for a quick sale. In this business, referrals are everything and if we make our TPA or broker clients look bad, then it’s only the tip of the iceberg to making the entire industry look bad.

The exact opposite of working with integrity is failing to:

-Stand behind our product

-Offer personal customer service

-Support our partners’ businesses

You hear it all the time, but customer service really is the key to success. We’re proud that ASG has grown slowly and steadily, and we recognize we’ve been able to do that by committing to a few crucial best practices, all within the context of operating with integrity. We’ve learned that the best way to differentiate ourselves with TPA and broker clients is:

- Through the quality of the work we put out

- How responsive we are

- How accessible we are

It’s deceptively simple. Why ask you—an insurance professional operating in your local community—to put your reputation on the line and stand behind our product, without standing behind you? Why require you to make a million phone calls to resolve an issue, or wait 72 hours for someone to respond to your call? These practices and more only work to chip away at the integrity of our relationships and make life hard for everyone.

At ASG, we prefer to embrace the golden rule: Treat people the way they would like to be treated—with integrity!

From widget makers to retailers, consultants to salespeople, a lot of people lose sight of that guiding principle. We know that if we buy business, we lose business—so we just don’t. It hasn’t been through acquisitions or buying business that we’ve grown; it’s been by slowly establishing and valuing loyal, sustainable relationships. To us, that’s operating with integrity.


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