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Meet our Underwriting Assistant: The Go-To for Good Connections

Thursday, October 01, 2015

By Andrea Melone, Underwriting Assistant

As ASG’s Underwriting Assistant, I function behind-the-scenes in support of the high quality work our company stands for. When it comes to handling sold cases in particular, my job involves routing critical information between the appropriate people in our company and our TPA, broker and consultant partners. Another big part of my job is making and maintaining connections to ensure consistency, organization, security, and solid relationships.

Communication is an essential component of my day, which involves forming relationships with our business partners to ensure the correct information is passed on with continuity and consistency. My role as the “go-to person” means that the processes for policies and applications, including follow-up reminders, develop a rhythm and run smoothly. TPAs, brokers, and consultants expect to hear from me and can come to me regularly.

I take a lot of pride in keeping everything organized. My job is comprised of maintaining the system for policies, making note when a policy package is issued, and being the person to contact when expecting the policy; with this system, I’m able to let our partners know whether or not we’re missing any items and when they can expect their policies. Good organization lets producers and TPAs know their valuable information will make it to the right place and that sending them requested information is a priority.

I also provide security for our clients, acting as the safeguard for confidential documents. I feel it’s important to protect the information and ensure it gets to the right person. Instead of scattering through multiple outlets, I prevent holes—so instead of letting vital information and sensitive documents slip through the cracks (or land into the wrong hands), files remain confidential and our team is able to ensure that the appropriate people receive data and documentation. Our clients can trust that I will not open any documents myself, and that only those for whom the information is intended will see it.

Possibly the most significant aspect of how I function in this business is my ability to develop and maintain relationships. Because our TPA and broker partners know I am here for them, I’m able to continue to develop and strengthen their trust in ASG. Relationships are obviously crucial to any business, and with us, positive and friendly exchanges help us all work together effectively. Communication regarding sold cases, such as follow up notices, is never with a complete stranger—instead, our partners know there is a familiar voice on the other end of the line. I’m very proud to provide an important role that lets TPAs and producers feel confident and comfortable with our team and our services.

As a valued member of the underwriting team, Andrea Melone is responsible for claims and administrative duties required to support client, broker and TPA relationships. She graduated from Western New England University with a BA in Creative Writing in 2013 and is a resident of Portland, Maine.

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